The New Clover Mini Is Revolutionizing Payments

By: Admin

Sep 20, 2019

Not just a secure and reliable payment platform, Clover Mini gives Merchants the full functionality of a POS without the need for multiple devices.

Have you ever been in the middle of a transaction and lost connection? Gone are the days of unreliable wireless connections and missed payment opportunities…Welcome the Clover Mini.    Simply put, the Clover Mini is a gamechanger in the world of payment processing.

Nowadays, Smart Terminals are not only able to handle your processing needs but can offer a wide range of business tools. The Clover Mini can be used as a full point-of-sale (POS) system, which is a major milestone in the processing game. It is hard to believe that so much functionality fits in the palm of your hand, but the Clover Mini is just as attractive as it is capable. 


Why Clover Mini?

Why will you love the Clover Mini? Because it was made for you! This terminal was created to benefit businesses of all sizes, and allow functions, features, and applications that will help you scale your business. With Clover Mini, you can track your sales and inventory through easy to use applications that let you see exactly what is going on in your business.

Because the Clover Mini uses cloud-based technology, it allows you to access relevant analytics from absolutely anywhere. With Clover Mini, the terminal and POS allow you to run both the front and back-of-house from one great device, helping you streamline the many complicated areas of payment processing and save you money.

The cloud-based system lets you make real-time updates that employees will see right away. This includes timesheets, scheduling shifts, and calculating tips. Employees will appreciate this easy-to-use terminal, and its impressive efficiency will reduce the time spent on processing transactions.

Clover Mini Makes Customers Happy

Customers hate spending time at checkouts, but with the simplicity of using the Clover Mini device, they’ll be zipping through the checkout line in no time. Quicker processing time, contactless payment solutions, and ease of use all help create a positive purchasing experience for every customer you serve.

If you’re looking for reliability in your terminals and POS, the dual Clover Mini payment setup is a game-changer. When the two devices are tethered to one another, it significantly increases the speed of the transaction making settling up a quick and easy process.

Accept Any Form Of Payment

Never say “We Don’t Accept That Form of Payment” ever again! The Clover Mini terminal is compatible with all major payment methods, so customers can easily tap, swipe or click with Apple Pay, Android Pay or even Chinese Mobile Wallets. All Clover Merchant Accounts also come free with the Clover Dashboard Online Payment Solution that includes a Virtual Terminal for when your customers are not there in person to process a transaction.

If there’s a feature you’re looking for, the Clover App Market has it! With over 300+ apps, it is possible for every user to customize their Clover Mini to fit their business needs. That means the end of generic POS and terminals and a customized future for your business.
If you are ready to propel your business with a Clover product or want more information about what we offer as a payment service provider, contact Payment Experts for all your processing needs.