Clover Station Duo


Integrated Accessories

  • Standard receipt printer included
  • Option to upgrade to a kitchen printer or label printer
  • Handheld or hands-free bar code scanners
  • Integrated weight scales
  • Non-integrated weight scales with label printing

More Accessories

  • Additional accessories are also available to fit your business’ needs

LTE Enabled

  • Equipped with LTE capability
  • Only pay when you use it
  • Connect a Clover Flex for a fully synched POS

Enhanced Security

  • Fingerprint & NFC login
  • Transaction tokenization & encryption
  • PCI PTS 5.0 PED w/P2PE readiness
Clover Station Duo components
The Station Duo comes with a 7” customer facing display, 14” merchant facing display, and Station printer.

Ordering Tools

Online Ordering

  • Online Menu easily configured through the Clover Dashboard
  • QR Codes and Social Media links drive customers to your online menu
  • Business hours and wait times are customizable

Complimentary Services

  • Free 1-hour training session so that you can make the most out of your new Station
  • Free menu build completed and uploaded to your Clover Station before delivery


  • Pre-defined preparation instructions communicated to kitchen or bar staff 
  • Optional items with an extra charge (ex. extra cheese)
  • Modifiers are described on payment receipt


  • Upload cost per item via spreadsheet or via inventory app 
  • COGS & Gross Profit Margin reporting available via dashboard

Order Types

  • Gives specific purpose to each order to help streamline operations (ex. takeout or delivery)
  • Order Types are printed on payment receipts 
  • Order Types are searchable in the Orders App

Included With All Clover Products

Clover Virtual Terminal / Online Payments

Need to process a debit or credit card transaction for a client and you do not have your Clover Smart Terminal right infront of you? No problem, simply log into the dashboard and process a card-not-present transaction with the Virtual Terminal that comes free with every Clover Flex or Clover Mini.

Clover App Market

Download business apps that make your life easier, like scheduling your employees, time clock management, integration to Quickbooks and hundreds more.
Head to our blog to learn more about some of our favourite Clover apps!

What We Offer

Smart Terminals Have Automatic updates

Use the latest software with automatic updates included.

Flexible and Customizable Receipts

Customize the look and information on your receipt at checkout and tipping screens with short messages to the customers.

Customer List

Automatically track purchase history, promote future deals & send digital receipts.

Reports and Analytics

Get real-time sales data and a searchable transaction history so you can analyze your business tendencies and get the results your looking for.

Issue Refunds Made Simple

Quickly process refunds right on the device, search through transaction like you would a smart phone call log. You no longer need to type a number into the device, you can search transactions by name, card number, date, or scroll through the list of recent transactions. — there are no extra fees for issuing refunds.

Offline Mode

Keep receiving payments when your internet connection goes down and never miss a sale.