Integrated Accessories

Cash Drawers

Cash Drawer

If your business still deals with cash, there is a Clover-made cash drawer that will suit your needs.


Clover Station Receipt Printer

The Station Duo comes with a receipt printer, but there are also additional printer options to suit your business.

Kitchen Printer

Built to withstand kitchen heat, this printer is ideal for placing orders in a restaurant. This kitchen printer is fast and customizable. Options like printing in 2 colours, easy to read fonts, and multiple letter sizes are bound to reduce order errors and improve overall efficiency.

Thermal Order Printer

A quiet kitchen printer for quiet environments. A thermal order printer is a great solution for front of house.

Label Printer

Improve productivity and accuracy by fast printing item or order details onto sticky labels. Label printers are perfect for coffee orders, food delivery, and weighing items with bar codes.


Hands-Free Barcode Scanner

The hands-free scanner is a small but powerful device that sits sleekly and discretely on countertops. Scan 1D, 2D or high-density (HD) bar codes from paper and electronic screens. 

Hand-Held Barcode Scanner

The handheld scanner is easy to operate, simply point and shoot. This is the ideal option for fast-paced businesses that use scanners for most checkouts.


Integrated Weight Scale

For businesses that require weight scales there are several options that will seamlessly fit into your checkout process. Integrated weight scales are available from Clover, which automatically passes the item’s weight to the POS. This is for businesses that weigh items and take payment at the same counter – like buying bananas at a grocery store. 

Non-Integrated Weight Scale

Non-integrated weight scales are for when weighing and payment of the item happens separately – like getting meat sliced at the deli counter but paying at the main grocery checkout. Non-integrated weight scales with label printing capability are available through a 3rd party app in the Clover App Market called CSI Works. Setup and tutorial of this 3rd party app will be available to merchants!

What We Offer

Smart Terminals Have Automatic updates

Use the latest software with automatic updates included.

Flexible and Customizable Receipts

Customize the look and information on your receipt at checkout and tipping screens with short messages to the customers.

Customer List

Automatically track purchase history, promote future deals & send digital receipts.

Reports and Analytics

Get real-time sales data and a searchable transaction history so you can analyze your business tendencies and get the results your looking for.

Issue Refunds Made Simple

Quickly process refunds right on the device, search through transaction like you would a smart phone call log. You no longer need to type a number into the device, you can search transactions by name, card number, date, or scroll through the list of recent transactions. — there are no extra fees for issuing refunds.

Offline Mode

Keep receiving payments when your internet connection goes down and never miss a sale.