Clover Mini

Clover mini is the best looking & most flexible countertop terminal available.


  • Built-in: printer, barcode scanner, & camera
  • Accepts all payment types
  • Add your brand to the display screen, receipt, and messaging 

Sleek & modern look

  • Impress customers with an attractive check-out
  • Your store reflects your brand and your product, so the checkout counter should look great


  • Option to use as full featured POS at any time
  • Use for: item level orders, inventory tracking, discounts & tax, and much more!
  • Apps for everything! Including: accounting, business dashboard, & employee scheduling

User Friendly

  • Swipe, dip, tap
  • Fast & secure transactions
  • Touch screen is easy to use and easy to keep clean

Get 2 Clover Minis for the Price of 1

  • One employee-facing Mini for entering transactions
  • One customer-facing Mini for a smooth payment process
  • Plus it’s perfect for social distancing!