Get Ready Canada, The Clover Station Has Launched

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May 10, 2020

Another Technology Showstopper from Clover

Fast, personal, secure

Run your business like never before with Clover’s fastest, most secure point-of-sale system yet, Station Duo! The Station takes smart terminals to a new level, making it easy to offer rewards, capture information, ensure order accuracy, and accept just about every mobile payment type.

The Highlights

Included with the Station Duo are a 7” customer facing display, 14” merchant facing display, and Station printer. This is an all-in-one solution of both software to run your business and hardware to execute your orders, inventory and payment processing transactions.

Is your business using a POS, a separate payment processing terminal, and then a separate tablet for rewards? That is way too many! Primarily, the logistics of running these systems and keeping them in sync is complicated and inefficient. Secondly, the messy look at your checkout counter can actually worsen how customers think about your store.

With the Clover Station Duo you manage all of the processes above through one single platform, with amazingly easy to use/understand reporting all at your finger tips on the Clover Dashboard. You also still get the benefits of the robust Clover app store that can bring in extra tools to help run your business.

Customers Love the Station Duo

Dual screens allow customers the ability to review their orders, add tip, pay, complete authorization, reward loyalty points and redeem gift cards. That also means that employees can maintain a safe distance from customers, and they do not have to touch the same device.

Increase Efficiency by Using Integrated Accessories

Trust us, no customer wants to be stuck at a slow payment terminal or waiting in line to get to one! Keep your customers happy with an intuitive, easy-to-use terminal that processes payments in under 3 seconds, encourages NFC payments, and concurrently displays order information alongside loyalty logins. Just one look at the sleek and modern Station Duo will assure customers they are in for a smooth checkout.

With reduced capacities and enormous lines due to social distancing from Covid-19, it is imperative you get your order/payment processing done as quickly as possible to not lose out of business. The Clover Station Duo helps keep your line moving as fast as possible!


The Station Duo comes with a receipt printer, but there are also additional printer options to suit your business. Kitchen printers are ideal for placing orders in a restaurant and label printers are great for fast printing order details on coffee orders, food delivery, and more!


There are two affordable and reliable barcode scanners available, a handheld and a hands-free model. The handheld scanner is easy to operate, simply point and shoot. This is the ideal option for fast-paced businesses that use scanners for most checkouts. The hands-free scanner is a smaller device that sits sleekly and discretely on countertops.

Cash Drawer

If your business still deals with cash, there is a Clover-made cash drawer that will suit your needs.

Weight Scales

For businesses that require weight scales there are several options that will seamlessly fit into your checkout process. Integrated weight scales are available from Clover, which automatically passes the item’s weight to the POS. This is for businesses that weigh items and take payment at the same counter – like buying bananas at a grocery store.

Non-integrated weight scales are for when weighing and payment of the item happens separately – like getting meat sliced at the deli counter but paying at the main grocery checkout. Non-integrated weight scales with label printing capability are available through a 3rd party app in the Clover App Market called CSI Works. Setup and tutorial of this 3rd party app will be available to merchants!

Of course, should you choose to use a non-integrated scale without the CSI Works app, there is always the option of manual entry at checkout!

Efficient Features

Online Ordering

  • Online Menu easily configured through the Clover Dashboard
  • QR Codes and Social Media links drive customers to your online menu
  • Business hours and wait times are configurable
  • Note: Intended for pick up or self-delivery

Order Types

  • Gives specific purpose to each order to help streamline operations
  • Examples: Pick Up, Dine-In, Delivery
  • Order Types are printed on the payment receipts
  • Order Types are searchable in the Orders App


  • Pre-defined preparation instructions communicated to kitchen or bar staff
  • Items with an extra charge (i.e., guacamole, extra vegetables)
  • Example: Item = Hamburger / Modifiers = Cheese, Lettuce, Ketchup etc.
  • Modifiers are described on the payment receipt


  • Upload cost per item via spreadsheet or via inventory app
  • COGS & Gross Profit Margin reporting available via dashboard

Service Plan Options

Counter Service Restaurant (CSR)

  • $39.95/month plus $9.95 per each additional device
  • Ideal for: Quick Service Restaurants, Specialty Retail, Discount and Dollar Stores

Table Service Restaurant (TSR)

  • $69.95/month plus $9.95 per each additional device
  • Ideal for: Full-Service Restaurants
  • Includes the ability to create seating charts, guest checks, split bills, and share items

Table Service Restaurant (TSR)

We can have a menu build completed and uploaded to your Clover Station for free! All you have to do is provide us your current menu and your Station will arrive at your business ready to go.

We will also arrange a free 1-hour training session so that you can make the most out of your new device.

Let’s Get Started

Contact our team to find out more about the Clover range of products and to find the right payment solution for your business.

Check out more of our blog posts to learn about the payment processing industry and how to navigate it.