Mobile Trends Change the World

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April 16, 2020

Changes in Time

There are many clear events and innovations that changed the course of history. Such significant moments in time had a widespread effect felt by people around the globe and from all walks of life.
The human response to change dictates whether we will succeed or fail. Reflecting on history, it is clear that in order to thrive we must adapt to change instead of fighting it.

World Changing Innovations

A revolutionary innovation or discovery can quickly change the entire world, and after just a short time it is hard to believe we ever lived without them. Most notable advancements have either improved quality of life or facilitated our ability to communicate. Here are some historical highlights:

Smart Terminals

World Changing Time Periods

Likewise, there are periods of time that are easily identifiable as world changing. These eras spurred innovation and advancements in technology were rapid.

Payment Experts

Modern Tech Trends

In the current era of Technological Revolution customers expect to be offered the latest and greatest technology. We have become accustomed to the speed and efficiency that modern devices can meet our needs and we demand instant results. Younger generations (like myself) do not remember the pain of dial-up internet, and simply don’t accept slow speeds or outdated technology.
Important for Merchants:
It is extremely important for merchants to recognize the mindset of their customers in order to adapt services to meet their needs. Although a clunky old terminal may not bother you, it could in fact shape a customer’s perception of your brand. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date on modern trends that will benefit your business and impress consumers.

Payment Processing

Here are just a few important tech trends to be aware of:

Modern Terminals

The evolution of payment processing has been rapid and expansive. The last few years alone have progressed the payment industry by more than all other years combined. Terminals are faster, smarter, and more secure than ever before. Online shopping has skyrocketed and most businesses have to offer their products/services across multiple platforms and channels to stay competitive. The Clover Terminal is a perfect “omni-channel” solution, because 1 merchant account gives you access to both in-person and online payment solutions.

Why it matters to you:

Whether it is in-store or online, your customers want the fastest and easiest checkout experience possible. This includes the option for contactless payment such as “tap” and mobile payment like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Offering these things is important because your reputation and customer retention is directly linked to customer satisfaction.

For more details check out our blog post about the importance of keeping your terminal up to date!

Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

Merchants do not need or want to be tethered to a physical shop. The introduction of mobile-point-of-sale (mPOS) technology enables merchants to make sales from anywhere they want using just their Smartphone.

Why it matters to you:

This is great for: trade shows, concerts, food trucks, trades people, and more. It has even expanded in-store options because staff does not need to work from a central checkout counter. This can improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and enabling a faster checkout process.

Social Commerce

We spend seemingly endless amounts of time scrolling through social media feeds. So, it is not surprising that our shopping decisions are directly connected to what we see on these feeds.

For example, 60% of Instagram users say they find new products on the platform. So when they see a great new product on Instagram it would be ideal to let them purchase it directly and easily from that page. Around 30% of online shoppers say they would likely make a purchase directly from a social media network, and it seems like this will soon be available to them.

Why it matters to you:

Staying up to date on consumer trends and available technology is hard to do, since both factors are constantly changing. But being able to make these changes can help your company stay at the forefront of your industry

What to do Now:

During this Technological Revolution it is hard to keep track of the rapidly changing landscape of the tech industry. It is our job to stay on top of it for you.

Contact us to find out more about the latest in payment processing technology. We are always happy to educate you on the benefits and downsides of various physical and virtual terminals so that you can find the best solution for your unique business.

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