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February 26, 2020

Animal Liberation Kitchen serves up delicious vegan fare.

Animal Liberation Kitchen (ALK) is run by the multi-talented Tanya Spasic. Tanya is a supportive mother, social justice warrior, and innovative cook. I recently popped by her restaurant at 100 Broadview Ave in Toronto’s vibrant Riverside neighborhood to chat about business and how the Payment Experts have helped. Animal Liberation Kitchen was exceptionally busy when I went to visit, but Tanya managed to answer some questions as she busily prepped orders.

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About the Business

Tanya was creating delicious vegan meals long before it became trendy. A long time vegetarian turned vegan, Tanya leads a plant-based lifestyle for ethical and environmental reasons, but she is not trying to convert her customers to veganism. Her goal is to serve vegan items that are filling, affordable, and delicious and in my opinion, she is definitely achieving her goal.

Starting in 2012 as a catering company, ALK’s innovative vegan dishes became a beloved staple at local festivals across Toronto. The restaurant itself has been open less than a year, but is quickly becoming the go-to spot for vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike! Our team at Payment Experts especially love the jackfruit sandwich and kimchi mac n cheese.

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Animal Liberation Kitchen is truly a family affair. Both of Tanya’s children work in the restaurant, while also leading artistic careers. Tanya’s husband built the restaurant’s wooden countertop that displays their daughter’s handcrafted jewelry that is available for purchase.

Animal Liberation Kitchen’s menu is full of bold flavors and mouth-watering meals. Tanya has been perfecting her jackfruit recipes for many years, and currently offers ‘BBQ Pulled Jackfruit on a Bun’ that is simply delicious! Tanya informed me that, “Jackfruit isn’t a new fad for us, I have been cooking with it for many many years”.

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Working with the Experts

Animal Liberation Kitchen has been working with Payment Experts since January of 2020, and Tanya is extremely happy with our merchant services. Tanya spent lots of money overpaying for payment processing and hated the look of the clunky, out-dated terminal she was using. She was hesitant about learning a new system, but the Payment Experts walked her through how easy they can be to use when you’ve got the Experts behind you to help!

The Payment Experts wowed Tanya with some sleek options, like the Poynt Smart Terminal and Clover Smart Terminal. Tanya absolutely loved the look and functionality of the recently launched Clover Mini, so she decided she was ready to get rid of her outdated device and add an easy-to-use terminal to help her business and her customers have a better experience. Her dedicated account manager went through the set up with her, in-person, so that she was not intimidated by the new terminal and it took no time at all for her to get the hang of it.

Merchant services


Tanya quickly became an expert user of the Clover Mini (it is extremely user friendly). She loves the ease and versatility of the device. Her favourite features are:

Built-in Printer: Tanya’s biggest pet peeve with her old terminal was the inconvenient separate printer.
Personalized Receipt Message: Easy to add “Animal Liberation Kitchen” and a customized message to receipt.
Access to reporting from anywhere: Can be updated on business even when she is not there in-person.
Automatic Tip Prompt: Tanya’s old terminal did not have a tip option, so the automated prompt has generated additional revenue!

So, now what?

Payment Experts substantially improved Tanya’s payment process at Animal Liberation Kitchen. We were thrilled to help such an awesome local business!

By working with Payment Experts, ALK now has:

  • Lower processing fees
  • An attractive modern terminal
  • Improved merchant services
  • Real time reporting
  • Dedicated support
  • A user friendly device

Payment Experts can help your business achieve these benefits and more. We tailor our services to meet your needs, so we might find savings where you least expect it! Contact The Payment Experts to schedule a fast and free consultation. And please stop by Animal Liberation Kitchen for some of the best vegan food in town!

Animal Liberation Kitchen:

202-100 Broadview Ave
Toronto, Ontario
Twitter: @animalLkitchen