Introducing: Clover Virtual Terminal (New and Improved!)

By: Admin

November 17, 2020

Clover Wows … Again

Once again Clover has amazed us with their latest product update and launch. This time it is a major upgrade to their Virtual Terminal. The new Virtual Terminal introduces a suite of new features and adds the option of signing up for a Virtual Terminal as a stand-alone product.

To refresh, the Clover Virtual Terminal is included with every Clover account and can be used on any web browser via your Clover Dashboard. It Is a great option to have for when you need to process a transaction without using your physical terminal. A great example is when you want to process a transaction on-the-go but don’t have your terminal with you or forgot to bring your Clover Flex on-the-road to a sales call.

Virtual Terminal Plan

Merchants can now sign up for a Virtual Terminal only plan, so there is no physical terminal involved. The plan is available for $9.95/month

Note: All Virtual Terminal features in this article are available regardless of the merchant’s selected software plan.

Invoice Lite

It is now easy to send invoices via email. The invoice is setup and sent instantly online and the client can immediately make their payment. Merchants and clients can be confident in the safe transfer of funds when using Clover’s online invoicing.

Online tracking and reporting is included with Invoice Lite. This eliminates the need to fill out manual and physical invoices on a regular basis. Eliminating all paperwork means that there is no risk of misplacing invoices or simply forgetting about them.

Here you can see how simple it is to send an invoice using the Virtual Terminal on your Clover Dashboard.

Card On File

Securely save cardholder information to a customer profile. This saves both you and the customer from the hassle of paying multiple times. Perfect for membership services or regularly repeating customers!

By safely storing the customer’s card on file you eliminate the risk and inconvenience of phone calls, emails, or extra in person visits to make a payment. Customers are automatically notified when their card information is saved and they have the information to fully remove it from the system at any time. Overall, this feature makes business more efficient and simpler.

Here you can see how simple it is to store and save cardholder information securely.


Credit card authorizations are essentially a safety check for merchants. An approval comes to the payment processor from a card issuer and verifies that the cardholder has sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction. This is important for large ticket items with advanced billing; like a hotel stay or rentals.

Authorizations are a smart, and easy way for merchants to protect themselves from chargebacks, and unnecessary refunds. Avoiding refunds is very important for merchants these days, as there are costs associated with processing a refund. It is also useful that merchants can temporarily block transaction funds to validate it.

Here you can see the first step on the merchant side of the virtual terminal process.

Other Included Features

Verifications – verify a card is valid and match CVV (AVS match not yet available)
Tips – add a fixed amount onto the sale
Taxes – separate taxes on your receipts
MOTO – indicate the transaction was received via a mail order or telephone order
Merchant Statements – merchants can retrieve their monthly statements via the dashboard

The Future Looks Bright

Clover will roll out the following features in the future, but exact release dates have not yet been announced. Keep an eye on our blog for more updates in the new year.

• Hosted Checkout
• Clover Essentials
• Recurring Payments / Group Billing
• Fraud Tools re: Virtual Terminal and eComm
• Virtual Terminal on the Clover Mobile App
• Settlement, Fees and Chargeback Info
• Counter Service Software
• Clover Dining Software Plan
• Clover 14” Station Pro

Note: Clover Essentials is already live but will continue to be updated with growing functionality.
Note: Several 3rd party apps already support recurring billing (ex. Loyalzoo, InvoicePro).

The Experts’ Review

The Payment Experts are always impressed with Clover’s product launches, but this one took things to a whole other level! We love the added functionality and ease of use for both merchants and clients. This is another great lineup of merchant services that we look forward to offering you. Contact us to learn more about any of these features and find out what they can do for your business!