Intro to Clover Service Plans & NEW Enhanced Register Lite

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August 11, 2020

Your brand new, beautiful Clover payment terminal has arrived and is sitting on your checkout counter. Now what? Well, it turns out that Clover has so much more to offer than just a good looking terminal. It is time to choose a service plan and the Payment Experts are here to help!

There’s a service plan?

There are three distinct options offered by Clover, Payments Plus, Register Lite and Register. The plans vary in price and features, but all three share some core essentials for operating your business.

Clover recently released an extensive new version of their Register Lite software in Canada, Enhanced Register Lite! The update introduced some incredible new features that every business can benefit from.

Note: Right now, only Payments Plus and Register Lite are available in Canada but we are including information on Register in this article because it will be launching here soon.

Do I have to select a plan?

If you have not selected a paid plan, then you are automatically enrolled in Payments Plus. To check what service plan you are using, simply log into your Clover Web Dashboard. You can then go to “More Tools” and select “Service Plan”. Alternatively, you can go to “Account & Setup” and select “Service Plan” from the Billing section.

The Plans

Payment Plus: $0.00/month

✔ Ability to accept all payment types

  • Swipe
  • EMV chip
  • NFC transactions
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Cash and cheque
  • And more

✔ Track sales from anywhere

  • Directly on device
  • From any web browser

✔ Cloud backup
✔ Basic employee management

  • Employee roles and permissions
  • Shifts

✔ Basic customer engagement

  • Accept e-signatures
  • Email, text, or print receipts
  • Receive customer feedback
  • Enable engagement marketing

✔ Access to the Clover App Market

  • (Access to some apps is limited to certain software plans)

Register Lite: $9.95/month

The Register Lite is a paid plan that allows you to manage many aspects of your business seamlessly from a Clover device or web browser. In addition to the basic Payment Plus features, Register Lite gives you access to expansive business management tools.

✔ Everything Payment Plus offers
✔ Track and manage inventory

  • Easy to manage inventory categories
  • Update from any device
  • Manage inventory at item level (tax, rewards, discounts)

✔ Manage orders
✔ Manage employees
✔ Expanded customer engagement
✔ Replace cash register with an integrated solution

  • Integrated payments
  • Swipe
  • EMV chip
  • NFC transactions
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Cash and cheque
  • And more

✔ Ease of use features

  • Add a suggested tip screen
  • Set your tax rate to auto-apply to transactions

✔ Access to more of the Clover App Market

  • Apps integrated with items & orders

*NEW*Enhanced Register Lite

Register Lite was already a big hit in Canada and its appeal has grown since more amazing features were added in summer 2020! Clover is calling the new update “Enhanced Register Lite”.

** Don’t worry though, this is not a 4th service plan option and all the new features are included in Register Lite. ** The new features expand the functionality of your Clover and integrate seamlessly into your existing setup.

✔ Everything Payment Plus offers
✔ Everything Register Lite offers
✔ Modifiers

  • Specify optional items or those with an add-on charge
  • Creates clearly defined preparation instructions for the kitchen
  • Listed on the payment receipt
  • Example: menu item is a hamburger, but the modifiers are cheese/lettuce/ketchup

✔ Order Types

  • Categorize orders to streamline production
  • Listed on payment receipt
  • Search for Order Types in the Orders App
  • Example: pickup/dine-in/delivery

✔ Kitchen Printers

  • Printer options include: Star Micronics series SP74M & SP742ME and Dot matrix ink printers
  • Online orders print automatically to in-store Clover device

✔ Online Ordering

  • Easy to build and manage menu on the Clover Dashboard
  • Add QR codes & social media links to drive customers to your website
  • Set & update your business hours
  • Note: intended for pickup orders or self-delivery

Register: starting at $29.95/month

The Register plan is set to launch in Canada soon! This is Clover’s complete POS software option. It adds even more customization and functionality than Register Lite and gives you access to the entire range of Clover apps.

✔ Everything Payment Plus offers
✔ Everything Register Lite offers
✔ Enhanced inventory

  • Modifiers/variants
  • Item-level cost
  • Profitability tracking

✔ Full order management
✔ Create item combinations
✔ Connect to a weight scale
✔ Send orders to a kitchen printer or display

Which Plan Should I Pick?

When to Choose Payment Plus:

The basic Payment Plus plan is the right choice if you want to use your Clover device strictly for payment acceptance. Choose Payment Plus if you will not need to manage inventory or access advanced functions and apps. This is best suited for small shops that just want the ease, look, and functionality of a Clover payment terminal.

When to Choose Register Lite:

Firstly, assess whether your business requires inventory management. If you need to track products or manage stock, you should definitely go with a paid plan (Register or Register Lite).
Register Lite is meant to replace your low-tech cash register and give you the ease of an integrated POS. It is perfect for businesses that require basic inventory management on top of an amazing terminal.

When to Choose Register:

Well, as of today (August 20, 2020) you cannot actually choose the Register plan if you are in Canada. But once it becomes available, we highly recommend choosing this plan if you want the most advanced full-featured POS and it is particularly great for the food service industry.

How do I Pick?

It is easy to change your service plan from either the Web Dashboard or directly on your Clover device. Go to “More Tools” and make a selection under “Service Plan”.

What if you change your mind?

Don’t worry, the Clover suite of products is meant to grow with your business, so you can change your software plan at any time! To do so, simply go to the App Market and select Service Plans to choose your plan.

Note: for a smooth update, you should close all app windows after selecting a new plan.

Need more info?

Contact our team to find out more about the Clover line of products and to find the right payment solution for your business.